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The 10th Engadin Prostate Cancer Winter Symposium

Dear colleagues and friends of this meeting,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to our 10th anniversary Engadin Prostate Cancer Winter Symposium.

In the last two years once more new aspects in diagnosis and therapy emerged i.e. upcoming switch to recommendation C of the USPSTF, MRI/TRUS fusion biopsy, genetic markers like SNPs in detecting of relevant carcinomas, PSMA PET in prostate cancer imaging as well as discussion towards PSMA targeted therapy options. With improved prostate imaging the focal therapy has become increasingly attractive treatment option for selected patient groups.

How we define “smarter screening? How to inform about prostate cancer risk and how to treat the individual patient? Is active surveillance a justifiable option? How to deal with high risk PCa and with recurrent disease if primary treatment fails? What is the optimal treatment sequence in advanced or castrate resistant prostate cancer?

We will discuss these topics in a pro and contra form to give recommendations for the everyday practice.
We will also try some new formats like “meet the expert” in more informal atmosphere as well as enhancing practical skills in workshops. We hope you enjoy it!

We intend to have a high quality scientific meeting in a special relaxing atmosphere, facilitating open and profound discussions. We will be very glad to hear your contributions to the relevant topics.

On this occasion we would like to acknowledge the support of the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Zuoz

With best regards

Prof. Franz Recker
Prof. Stephen Wyler
Dr. med. Maciej Kwiatkowski
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